Home Gardener® Composted Sheep Manure with Compost

Home Gardener Sheep Manure with CQA-certified compost is a nutrient rich natural composted product with an N–P-K of 0.5-0.5-0.5.  The composting process eliminates detrimental organisms and odours.

Available only at Home Hardware and Home Hardware Building Centres.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  Lawns: Apply 15KG to 21 m2 of lawn and water in.  Vegetable and Flower Gardens: Before planting, apply 15KG per 10 m2 and work into the top 5-8 cm of soil.  Transplanting: Mix 1 part Sheep Manure to 3 parts existing soil at bottom of the hole.  Use same mixture around the roots.PRODUCT  |  Home Gardener® Composted Sheep Manure with Compost
CODE | 5025-750
SIZE  |  15 KG
UPP | 90
UPC | 4 00050 25750 6