Compost Services

All Treat Farms Compost ServicesAll Treat’s composting experience began in 1955 when the company started composting cattle manure. All Treat has been operating a licensed compost facility since 1993 and is up-to-date with all necessary approvals.

All Treat has done research with Environment Canada, the Compost Council of Canada, Ministry of the Environment of Ontario and various universities. All Treat was involved in a Research and Development project with the Guelph Turf Grass Institute and National Research Council for the development of a compost mix as a sedge peat replacement for the golf course industry. This was a three-year project that commenced in 1997.

All Treat receives leaf and yard waste from many municipalities in Ontario, as well as various Industrial, Commercial & Institutional (IC&I) generators in Ontario.

All Treat is a founding member of the Composting Council of Canada, and truly believes composting is the way of the future. All Treat Farms is also a member of the Compost Standardization Committee (BNQ) who, together with the Committee of the Ministers of the Environment for each province or territory, established compost standards for Canada.