Selection™ Garden Soil

Selection™ Garden Soil is an all purpose mixture of peat sedge and CQA-certified compost. The compost is blended from leaf and yard clippings recycled from residential curbside collection and is high in nutrient value which will assist your growing plants.  The rich black texture appeals to many serious gardeners.  It is ideal for use in planting annual and perennial flowers and for use in vegetable gardens.  Also great for top dressing established lawns and transplanting trees, shrubs and hedges.

Available Only at Metro Foods and Food Basic stores.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  Mix 1 part Garden Soil to 4 parts existing soil.

PRODUCT  |  Selection™ Garden Soil
CODE | 89931
SIZE  |  25L
UPP | 90
UPC | 0 59749 89931 4