Lawn Soil

All Treat Lawn Soil is ideal for top dressing existing lawns, for planting new lawns from seed and for sod installation. It contains slow release fertilizer 0.08-0.24-0.08 that feeds the young grass seedlings for up to 1 month. It also contains ingredients such as leaf compost and peat moss, which enrich tired soils and improve seed germination. For top dressing, seeding or sodding, apply Lawn Soil to a depth of ¼”.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  Mix 1 part of All Treat Lawn Soil to 3 parts of existing lawn soil when planting new lawns.

PRODUCT  |  AT Premium Lawn Soil
CODE | 40024
SIZE  |  25L
UPP | 105
UPC | 060691 40024 4