Home Gardener® Seed+Feed+Compost

An easy to use, all-in-one pelletized product consisting of grass seed, starter fertilizer and compost. Simply apply it with your lawn spreader. Use it for starting a new lawn, over-seeding established lawns to thicken them, or for repairing bare spots. The grass seed is ideal for sunny to moderately shady areas and will appear in as little as 5-7 days. The starter fertilizer will help the young grass plants get off to a quick start. The compost is derived from leaves and yard clippings collected from residential curbside collection. Compost provides your lawn soil with beneficial organic matter and plant food for improved growth and greening. Adding organic matter may improve your lawn’s ability to retain moisture and survive during periods of drought.

Only available at Home Hardware and Home Hardware Building Centres.

PRODUCT | Home Gardener® Seed+Feed+Compost Lawn Top Dressing 3-3-1
CODE | 5065-187
SIZE | 4.5 kg
UPP | 40
UPC | 4 0005065187 8