Bulk – Mulches, Compost & Soil Amendments

All Treat Farms has been producing high quality virgin wood and bark mulches on site since 1980. This bark and wood is purchased as a by-product from Ontario’s lumber and forest industry allowing a new use for a material that was traditionally burned or buried. Mulch adds beauty to your gardens and property in addition to helping flower beds and trees with moisture retention and helping with weed suppression. Ask your retailer for them by name, there really is no comparison. All Treat Farms has several products available for delivery or pick up.

Delivered by walking floor, self-unloading trailers at 90-130 cu.yds. for Mulch and 70-80 cu.yds. for Compost/Soil Mixes per load depending on weight restrictions.

Please note:

  • Pick up orders for Mulch products must be in 20 cu.yd. increments
  • Pick up orders of Compost products are in 10 cu.yd. increments
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • No other discounts apply.

For  pricing, inquire at contactalltreat@walkerind.com or call us at 519-848-3145

All Treat Farms Limited does not have a retail location.  Please use our Retail Locator at the top of the page to find your closest Retail Store/Garden Centre that carries All Treat Products.